The WELL Working group – within the Hungary Green Building Council – was founded in 2019 with the mission to encourage the development of certified and healthy buildings in Hungary. By sharing experiences, creating WELL-themed programs, webinars, trainings and professional recommendations, every stakeholder can get closer to a healthier built environment

Our goal is to provide professional support for a health-promoting building and community culture. In addition, we are working hard to make WELL Certifications more accessible to projects in Hungary.

WELL is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally. Register your office, building or other space to leverage WELL’s flexible framework for improving health and human experience through design.

The WELL Building Standard is a vehicle for buildings and organizations to deliver more thoughtful and intentional spaces that enhance human health and well-being. Backed by the latest scientific research, WELL includes strategies that aim to advance health by setting performance standards for design interventions, operational protocols and policies and a commitment to fostering a culture of health and well-being. Built on the pioneering foundation of the first version of the WELL Building Standard (WELL v1), WELL v2 draws expertise from thousands of WELL users, practitioners, medical professionals, public health experts and building scientists around the world.


Regina Kurucz

M. Sc. Architect | WELL AP. WELL Faculty Head of HuGBC WELL Working Group
Regina is a founding member and current leader of the HuGBC WELL Working Group. As an Architect she wants users and building operators to be aware that the built environment is highly responsible for our health. As a WELL AP consultant Regina assists in the certification process of more than 10 buildings, and as a WELL Faculty lecturer teaches at several universities (e.g. METU, University of Óbuda, PTE) and education programs (e.g. Work for Humans Workplace Well-being Project Management Training, NKE Ludovika Collegium, Architect Continuing Education).

Kovács Emese

economist, WELL AP
Emese brings 15 years professional experience from different fields of energy. She started her carrier in the banking sector, where she was responsible for financing large companies’ energy efficiency projects. In 2011, as partner and co-founder of the MN6 Energy Agency, she led the team of energy auditors and performed energy compliance reports according to the EU EED by international companies in Hungary. From year 2016, she supports the introduction of ISO 50001 energy management systems as an internal auditor. As a WELL Accredited Professional she supports the clients by achieving the WELL Certification, as Low and Zero Carbon Technology Feasibility Study and BREEAM, LEED energy efficiency studies are also part of her job.

Dr. Magyar Zoltán

okl. épületgépész mérnök | egyetemi docens | ASHRAE Fellow, REHVA Fellow
Zoltán a WELL munkacsoportban az épületek komfortjával, ezen belül elsősorban a levegő minőségével (pl. COVID elleni védelem, CO2 szint) és a hőérzettel (hőmérséklet, páratartalom, huzat) foglalkozik. Fő célja, hogy épületeinkben egészségesebb, komfortosabb körülmények alakuljanak ki, és mindezt a lehető legkisebb energia felhasználásával érjük el. A szakterületet oktatja a BME-n és különböző képzéseken, több mint 100 épületben végzett komfort és energetikai vizsgálatokat, méréseket, auditokat.
Elismerés Márfi Józsefnek

Márfi József

senior sustainability specialist | Turner Construction
József is the instigator and founding member of HuGBC. Working for Turner, a large New York based GC, he continuously shares new ideas to invoke change. Introduced for the HuGBC: LEED in 2008, BIM in 2014 and WELL in 2015. Certified the first large scale LEED projects in Budapest and led the team on the first WELL certified building in Hungary.

László Németh

head of real estate development | KÉSZ Group
László has managed the BREEAM certifications of more than 10 office buildings, and the WELL Standard is the part of his daily work since 2017. During the entire development and operational phases of a building the BREEAM and WELL systems reqiure continuos attention from the developer side, therefore he has gained useful experiences. He led the first hungarian WELL certified project. The carbon decreasing and ESG have been added to his focus since 2020.

Norbert Szircsák

head of green building advisory | Colliers WELL AP | LEED AP ID+C
Norbert is the Head of Green Building Advisory Services at Colliers International real estate advisory firm. He has more than 14 years of real estate experience, during which he managed the successful completion of more than 50 LEED or BREEAM certifications. He is a WELL AP since 2019 and advises on the design of healthy and people oriented buildings and office space.

Tóth Nelli

building energy expert, environmental engineer with law degree
After two decades of professional experience Nelli is managing energy efficiency projects and energy performance audits. She started her career on the field of municipality and institutional energy management and managed EU co-funded projects. She coordinates and performa energy audits by large companies and in office buildings from 2011 as partner and co-founder of MN6 Energy Agency. She is responsible for the energy management of many large multinational enterprises in Hungary and for technical advisory with focus on the building operation and energy related questions of tenancy agreement.

Mónika Vértesy

environmental engineer and facility engineer WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C, DGNB Consultant
Monika is an environmental and facility engineer, and as such, she is familiar with several building standards. As a WELL, LEED and DGNB consultant, her role is to improve and monitor the features of the built environment that impact human health wellbeing. In her role, Monika has already created more than a thousand energy certifications and optimization proposals. She considers her own moral responsibility to shape the attitude of customers and designers. In recent years, she has been mainly involved in building qualification consulting for design projects.

Zsuzsa Fodor

HuGBC office manager and event coordinator
Zsuzsa graduated as an economist and worked in other fields for a long time. She joined HuGBC in 2018, where she coordinates administrative, event management and educational project. She supports the work of the WELL working group with organizational and background tasks.